1- Franklin has all of them on his map, along with a few accelerators, like accelerant.

2- The arsonist used an accelerant and the fire spread quickly.

3- The man used gasoline as an accelerant, he said.

4- There was also a strong smell of an accelerant, Wilson added.

5- Fool Continuity Gisborne threatens to burn down the tree in which Robin is hiding, using pitch as an accelerant.

6- He hopes his story might make others more aware of the risks of using an accelerant on open flames.

7- No accelerants for the fire were detected, and the point of origin of the fire was in the bathroom of the master bathroom.

8- The officials said investigators found no accelerants, an indicator of arson, at the scene.

9- This is why smooth ceilings that use no retardant or sometimes accelerant are done before the walls.

10- The case was transferred to the Montreal police after traces of an accelerant were found in or near the back of the building.

11- Based on the initial findings by JPSO detectives, an accelerant was detected by the JPFD and LA State Fire Marshall's Office.

12- An accelerant detection dog located several spots throughout the home where accelerants were used to start and or spread the fire.

13- In addition to the telltale burn patterns, they said, testing revealed accelerants on Lee's shirt, pants and a jug found in the cabin.

14- Based on what they knew at the time, the patterns indicated that someone had poured gasoline, or some other accelerant, a clear sign of arson.

15- The Jefferson Parish Fire Department says the apartments are a crime scene, suspected arson, because a fire accelerant was detected by canines.

16- The police revealed that an accelerant had been discovered at the focal point of the fire, indicating that it was started deliberately.

17- accelerants to the decline were the death of William McDonald and foreclosure by Roop.

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