1- New words are often accented while given words are not.

2- Leather accented features and upholstery may contain synthetic material.

3- The voice was heavily accented but readily understood.

4- The accented sounds of the words are considered tones.

5- He spoke perfect English, albeit slightly accented .

6- She accented the wings with long stitches.

7- The dishes were either served in or accented by ice carvings.

8- When the accented vowel is short, the ending is dropped.

9- Its entrance part is accented by pastiched monumental order gallery.

10- A smaller number of nouns are accented on other syllables.

11- Here gray is dominant , accented with a black stripe.

12- The accented word(s) forms the focus domain.

13- These characters were also depicted as speaking accented English.

14- I understood something of his heavily accented Spanish.

15- This is unfair, for a single aspect is over accented .

16- However, the accented forms are increasingly evident in some publications.

17- Unicode as a general rule does not include accented Cyrillic letters.

18- Certain characters, like accented foreign letters, are not allowed.

19- Otherwise, the character is accented by the accent.

20- With accented left (or right) foot. 3.

21- The response would be accented on the second syllable.

22- Note that you can not type accented letters.

23- Moreover, the kst files accept accented characters for foreign names.

24- The chords thicken and become accented , increasing drama and intensity.

25- He spoke impeccable, if accented , French.

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