1- Objectives and desired outcomes should be clearly identified.

2- Evaluation of initial programs revealed that desired outcomes were met.

3- This is certainly not the desired outcome .

4- Policies, regulations and funding must promote these desired outcomes .

5- Success is measured in many ways depending on the desired outcome .

6- How often do interventions simply fail to produce their desired outcome ?

7- This program was considered too limited to have the desired outcome .

8- The teacher communicates the desired outcome to the group.

9- What is your long-term desired outcome ? 2.

10- Your chances for obtaining desired outcomes ride heavily upon your positive attitudes.

11- Did the embassy to Achilles achieve its desired outcome ?

12- But they did not always result in the desired outcome .

13- C. individuals will make different choices because of different desired outcomes .

14- What resources will be required to achieve the desired outcome ?

15- There are several desired outcomes from an Open Space event.

16- That would bankrupt the country which is possibly a desired outcome .

17- Identify what needs to change to achieve the desired outcome .

18- Information should cover parties, issues, anticipated strategies and desired outcomes .

19- Again, go back to desired outcomes for direction here.

20- What steps can you take to achieve your desired outcome ?

21- Each turn of the spiral is supported by desired outcomes and knowledge.

22- Each of the three components is critical to achieving your desired outcome .

23- All rights reserved. 29 How will activities lead to desired outcomes ?

24- Today, treatment is generally driven by the patient's desired outcome .

25- Link desired outcomes to required performances (Expectancy).

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