1- They should have downed him with a water hose so he could row his way out of there.

2- Oso learns how to remove the paint by using the water hose.

3- Because it was zoned for commercial use, there was no shower stall, so they bathed using a water hose attached to their dishwasher.

4- The fans were finally dispersed by riot police with batons and high pressure water hoses.

5- This emergency vehicle also had 600 foot of water hose with power drive and chemical fire extinguishers.

6- With water hose in hand, he sprays and drives out everyone and locks the door.

7- The water hose had a kink in it.

8- Please have water hose pulled to setup area before arrival.

9- Make sure outdoor water hoses don't leak.

10- The police held back the protestors with water hoses .

11- No mess that a water hose doesn't cure.

12- Clean once a year outdoors with water hose .

13- Do not wash or rinse interior with water hose .A workable outside water spigot and water hose required for setup.

14- Do you use your water hose to water home grown vegetables?

15- They used water hoses and they beat the children with clubs.

16- Turn on the garden sprinkler or water hose .

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