1- Pennsylvania residents should add 6 percent sales tax.

2- Pennsylvania has a 6% sales tax rate.

3- Pennsylvania ranks 19th overall in agricultural production.

4- Pennsylvania apple farmers have been hard hit .

5- Pennsylvania refinance rates are available from top local.

6- Pennsylvania's pension systems had historically been adequately funded.

7- Pennsylvania established a hard labor law in 1786.

8- Pennsylvania has its share of minor league baseball teams.

9- Pennsylvania has 229 mi of the trail.

10- Flight 93 was shot down over Pennsylvania .

11- An early frost hit parts of Pennsylvania .

12- These three divisions include 25 counties in western Pennsylvania .

13- Western Pennsylvania is filled with many haunted locations.

14- Obama did extremely well throughout eastern Pennsylvania .

15- The government of Pennsylvania sent military aid.

16- Pennsylvania corporations are enjoying $2.4 billion in annual tax breaks.

17- The 51st Pennsylvania was held in reserve.

18- The car is currently undergoing restoration in Pennsylvania .

19- Pennsylvania's intermediate units provide supplemental services to school districts.

20- College football is very popular in Pennsylvania .

21- All 121 state parks in Pennsylvania feature free admission.

22- Pennsylvania has a very large Amish population.

23- There is no such requirement under Pennsylvania law .

24- The Pennsylvania Petit specifically addressed such applications.

25- Pennsylvania Avenue continues northwest straight toward downtown Washington.

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