1- He lost his cinema ticket.

2- daveoilyKeep an eye on my suitcase while I buy my ticket.

3- We got stopped by police for speeding, but were able to bribe the cop into tearing up the ticket by giving him $50.

4- This ticket entitles you to park in the Reserved area on campus.

5- I have an open ticket to Osaka.

6- I thought it difficult for her to get the ticket.

7- Find someone who has bought a lottery ticket.

8- loudMy season ticket expires on March .

9- Youth fares for those under 26 cut the price of a first-class ticket by 20%.

10- He received a ticket in return for the money.

11- I'll buy a through ticket to Hakata.

12- ShiawaseI won a ticket which entitles me to two free seats at the Belfry Theater for their current musical production.

13- No admittance allowed without a ticket.

14- Please show your ticket.

15- autunoThe policeman just gave me a warning rather than a speeding ticket.

16- The concert was pretty good, but I found it rather expensive at 50 per ticket.

17- She didn't buy the ticket after all.

18- Keep an eye on my bag while I buy a ticket.

19- You must not travel on the train without a ticket.

20- I got the ticket free of charge.

21- You'll have to wait not less than an hour to get a ticket.

22- I had no money to buy the ticket.

23- I must get the concert ticket by all means.

24- Looking down at the speeding ticket in his hand, he uttered a few quiet curses as the cop walked away from his car.

25- May I have a look at your ticket?

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