1- Similar incidents were reported sporadically throughout the month.

2- It has published sporadically twenty three issues so far.

3- Riding in bus lanes is sporadically allowed.

4- After 1972 the catalog was published sporadically .

5- King played doubles sporadically from 1984 through 1990.

6- Before that law reform had been handled sporadically .

7- In everyday life, loneliness occurs sporadically .

8- Suzuki has continued making films, albeit sporadically .

9- He has participated sporadically since that time.

10- Some families may check once a week and others more sporadically .

11- The unmistakable crack of live ammunition rings out very sporadically .

12- It started about 4 months ago and happens somewhat sporadically .

13- The foundation has been referenced sporadically on the show since.

14- The practice was renewed in 1974 and afterwards was followed sporadically .

15- The band recorded a demo and toured sporadically .

16- They have appeared sporadically since the departure.

17- She appeared sporadically for an additional three years.

18- They continued to appear sporadically throughout the third season.

19- She remained on the show sporadically until 2002.

20- Greek is offered sporadically and was last offered in 2008.

21- She has also worked sporadically in television.

22- The opera was mounted sporadically over the following thirty years.

23- Basque shore whaling continued sporadically into the 19th century.

24- They recorded sporadically through the next year.

25- Reconstruction efforts began in 1948 and continued sporadically until 1969.

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