1- As long as you won't face the truth, you will cry in vain.

2- Its first principle is a declaration of intent to face the truth.

3- They simply have to face the truth, they broke the law in America, and if the situation were reversed, they would be thrown in prison in Mexico.

4- As long as you won't face the truth, you will cry in vain.

5- The Pro-Life Action League has used this form of activism in its face the truth displays.

6- To properly wield the talisman of truth, one must first be prepared to face the truth of his own life.

7- But Labour councillors rebutted the Conservative group's allegation by accusing them of not wanting to face the truth.

8- He doesn't have the backbone to face the truth.

9- She is afraid to face the truth .

10- Stop being sentimental and face the truth .

11- It's more about facing the truth .

12- Apparently none of you are willing to face the truth .

13- She struggled with facing the truth without bucking it.

14- I have gathered the strength to face the truth and myself.

15- The next semester " face the truth " didn't receive funding.

16- It is time for "60 Minutes" to face the truth .

17- But let 's face the truth .

18- Frank Kendall: We need to face the truth in this business.

19- Your anger might disappear once you are able to face the truth , dude.

20- Unable to face the truth , Sifeng runs outside, followed by Chong.

21- Facing the truth brought a tightness to her throat, butterflies to her stomach.

22- She faced the truth squarely .

23- Today, I and many of my people are choosing to face the truth .

24- Let's face the truth .

25- Let 's face the truth .

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